Target Group

Managers and employees who want to noticeably increase their efficiency, significantly reduce stress and gain more time for the really important things.


Personal work is organized and easy to keep on top of. Internal communication flows. Time thieves and disruptions are minimized. A filing system tailored to the specific requirements creates transparency and an overview.


Fundamentals of successful self-management:

  • How does stress happen?
  • Am I, my own time thief?

Situation Analysis:

  • The personal work style
  • Daily work and its completion
  • Dealing with paper and mails
  • Time and energy wasted

Sorting out useless ballast:

  • What is hindering or clogging my workspace?

Review and decision of all open processes:

  • What is important, what is urgent?

Development or optimization of the filing system:

  • How do I keep track?

Deciding your planning tools:

  • Which system is right for me?

Interaction with others:

  • Facilitating delegation and information sharing
  • Resolving disruptions in internal communications
  • Productive meetings


Short theoretical inputs followed by immediate practical implementation in the workplace.


approx. 1 day


At the personal Workplace


Target Group

Management, executives and individuals who want to establish clarity about worthwhile and achievable goals for themselves and their employees.


All Participants are clear about the prospects in the future. The intentions of the employees are aligned with a jointly created goal. A shared vision is visible.


Laying the foundation:

  • Evaluation of the current situation
  • Defining the basic concepts
  • Working through obstacles that stand in the way of the goals
  • Defining areas of life/responsibility

Goal Setting:

  • Creating goals for individual areas
  • Formulating the overall goal
  • Visualizing the desired target state
  • Discovering the vision

Setting the course:

  • Setting the main guidelines for achieving the goals
  • Coordination and agreement of the goals in the group
  • Deciding on the main priorities for the next period


Short theoretical inputs, brainstorming, group work


approx. 1 day for individual coaching and
approx. 1 day for coordination in the group


Target Group

Senior management and executives who want to establish clarity in functions and processes for the entire organisation.


Tasks, competencies and responsibilities are clearly aligned and focused on a common valuable overall goal. The entire playing field is visible and networked. All participants are involved.


Fundamentals within the group:

  • Clarification of terms
  • Definition of the valuable end result from the customers point of view
  • Elaboration of an optimal function sequence
  • Definition of the work results for the individual functions

Individual work per function:

  • Developing the correct sequence of the process taking into account the decided priorities, in the direction of the work result

Coordination in the group:

  • Coordinate, complement and agree on the optimal processes for the entire organisation
  • Decision and documentation of functions and structures

Embedding in the company:

  • Translation of the agreed concept to all employees


Short theoretical inputs, group work and individual coaching


2-20 days, depending on the size of the organisation

Plans and Resources

Target Group

Management and executives who want to take manageable and realistic action on the resources needed for the near future.


A structured flowchart of required resources (such as personnel, investments, tools, key decisions, ...)


Specify the annual goals for the upcoming period.
Outline the existing situation per functional area.
Define and prioritize the need for resources per area.
Estimate the cost oft he required actions.
Develop and decide on the schedule.


Short theoretical inputs, individual coaching and group work


1-10 days, depending on the size of the organisation


Target Group

Company management and executives who want to have derivable strategic measures available to achieve their goals.


The precise assessment of the various actual situations (e.g. individual departments) on the way from the starting position to the set goal. A strategic set of instruments for controlling the development is applicable.


Introduction of the Group:

  • Clarifications of basic terms
  • Purpose of management
  • Ethics
  • Logic
  • Communication basics


  • Recognize the actual situations


  • Logical steps for further development
  • Develop navigation system for regular site assessment


Short presentations, elaboration, integration into practice


approx. 1-4 days, depending on the size of the organisation


up to 10 people